2 interesting things

you should see at least 2 interesting things every day; there's no excuse for any less.

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About 2 interesting things

Coming May 15, 2011, to a bookstore near you: Dad’s Eye View: 52 Family Adventures in the Twin Cities

My name is Michael Hartford, and this is my other photoblog. My first photoblog is dedicated to film photography, mostly black and white pictures I develop myself; it’s a relatively slow and meticulous process from exposure to posting. “2 interesting things,” by contrast, is all about speed: I take the picture with my cell phone, e-mail it to Tumblr, and hey-presto! it appears. Both approaches to photoblogging are valid, and offer their own advantages.

This photoblog is called “2 interesting things” because that’s what I call a game I play with my sons when they’re in the car. In an attempt to get a little peace while driving, and to get their minds to be a little more in the present, I require them to spot at least two interesting things out the window. Sometimes they try to convince me that a tree or stop sign is interesting, so as to hit their quota early, but my standards are higher than that.

Seeing two interesting things a day is a little less than a koan, but is an interesting exercise in being conscious of the world around us. The world is big enough that you should be able to see two things you’ve never seen before every day.

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